What Does 2018 Hold for Financial Markets?

By: Curi Editorial Team
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A new year brings the opportunity to reflect on the previous 12 months and set new plans for the year ahead, and the team at SharpVue Capital, Curi’s wealth and asset management affiliate, has been doing just that. Their insights help them offer their clients (including many Curi members) personalized guidance on their investment portfolios.

With this goal in mind, SharpVue Chief Investment Officer Geremy Connor has published a piece on the firm’s website offering his key expectations for financial markets in 2018. Highlights include:

  • Small gains in equity markets
  • Increased volatility
  • A weakening US dollar
  • Steady inflation
  • Rising bond yields

Connor also outlines sector-specific thoughts within equity markets. To read the piece, click here.

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Curi Editorial Team
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