Could a Cash Balance Retirement Plan Be Right for Your Practice?

Cash balance retirement plans are the fastest-growing type of retirement plan in the nation and could serve as an excellent tool for practices to help employees make the most of their money.

The Price is Wrong?: Q3 2021 Market Commentary

My family’s recent trip to the Outer Banks proved a great snapshot of the current economy. To start, what should’ve been a two-hour trip took over…

Party Like It’s 1999?: Q2 2021 Market Commentary

In February 1999, I made a bet with a friend employed at an internet startup that whatever five internet stocks he picked would be down in…

6 Common Financial Concerns for Physicians

The financial needs of physicians present unique challenges uncommon to industries outside of healthcare. From alienating cultural perceptions, to the high level of personal and professional risk, we’ve identified what we believe are the top six financial concerns for physicians.

Power to the People? February 2021 Market Commentary

Chances are you’ve heard about GameStop recently. Every family member and friend I spoke to over the past week had the same questions: What’s going on…

Sunnier Days Ahead: Q1 2021 Market Commentary

As we leave behind an unforgettable year and the shocking events on January 6, 2021, it’s time to look ahead at the promise of the new…

Half Full: Q3 2020 Market Commentary

Curi Capital’s CIO discusses the risks and realities of investing in 2020—and why he’s choosing to look at the current environment as a glass half full for investors.

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