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Achieving your financial objectives is the goal. Diversified portfolios, private investments, and public equities are key strategies that can help investors achieve this objective. We are long-term investors at Curi Capital and we stay curious, exploring new opportunities and innovative investment solutions to transform the investing experience for you.

Our Philosophy

Here’s what we believe.

  • Achieving financial goals enriches life. Beating an index does not.
  • Discipline and an accountability partner are key to financial success.
  • Minimizing taxes and fees doesn’t have to mean sacrificing returns.
  • Uncertainty is the only certainty.

Our Investment Solutions

Diversified Portfolios

We aim to align investment portfolios with financial plans through a specialized approach that seeks to lower risk without sacrificing returns.


Private Investments

We seek out investment opportunities in real estate, private equity, and private credit to provide access to alternative investments not available to all investors.

Public Equities

We pursue long-term equity investing through our Core Equities Strategy and Highly Concentrated Strategy with track records from 1998 and 2019 respectively. Learn more.


Our Public Equities Strategies

The following strategies—managed by the veteran KDI Capital team who joined us in 2021—focus on technology, defensiveness, long-term secular opportunities, and competitively-advantaged businesses.

KDI Core Equities Strategy

This strategy typically holds 20-25 stocks and strives to earn competitive returns in up markets and outperform in down markets. The strategy seeks the best risk and reward opportunities in the market and may invest in all market capitalizations.

KDI Highly Concentrated Strategy (HCS)

This strategy typically holds 10-15 stocks and utilizes a long-term, “common-sense” approach to investing, favoring companies we believe can capture secular growth opportunities and earnings that will be durable over the long-term.  HCS is intended to complement an investor’s overall passive equity exposure by creating overweight positions in select securities with attractive idiosyncratic factors.

All investments are subject to risk, including the loss of principal. Risks include, market, currency, economic and business risks, as well as well as the risk that all investment decision will not always be profitable. Volatility may occur causing dramatic price changes in the underlying assets that may negatively affect the account. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss. There is no assurance that a diversified portfolio will achieve a better return than a non-diversified portfolio.

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