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As a physician, you’re already in an exclusive club. With Curi Capital, even more so. Our private investment strategies give you access to investment opportunities not available to the typical retail investor. With comprehensive wealth advisory services, institutional-grade investment strategies, and a holistic approach to retirement plan consulting and risk management, you can trust we’re not just looking out for your assets, we’re caring for the health of your future.

Curious? Hear from our leaders

“[We provide] innovative ways to invest and with a company they can trust. And with the backing of [Curi], it has financial stability as well.”
Dr. Rachel Ross
Curi Board Member
“In the financial advice industry, there’s a term called ‘dumb doctor deals.’ We want to have a financial wealth management company for physicians that doesn’t do dumb doctor deals.”
Dr. Chris Teigland
Curi Board Member
A strong financial future starts here
Where or with whom to entrust your financial investments is a big decision. Fortunately, Curi Capital makes it all worth it. Review our financial investment solutions to see how we truly are here for you.
“Having someone who is a friend, a colleague, another physician, an organization [Curi] which we all own, looking out for us, that’s the partner where you know that incentives are always aligned, and that the advice you’re going to get is genuine, real, and the best we can expect.”
Dr. Scott Shapiro
Curi Board Member