Understanding Workplace Savings

The phrase “workplace savings” doesn’t mean much to most people. If pressed, they might guess that you’re referring to a 401(k)-retirement plan. And for the most…

Yours, Mine and Ours? When Couples Navigate Money Discussions

When you and your partner start to map out common financial goals, your relationship enters a new territory—the money talk. Your goals may start out short-term…

It’s Actually Not Breaking News: May 2022 Market Flash

In a book well-suited for current times, “Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents,” there is a chapter titled, “It’s Actually Not Breaking News.” The authors inform readers one…

Exploring Business Owner Exit Strategies for Physicians

With the pressures on private practices showing no signs of letting up, it’s essential that physicians understand their options for exiting practice ownership—and the financial implications of each.

Financially Preparing for New Parenthood 

How to approach reviewing your finances and budget when preparing for first-time parenthood.

‘Tis the Season: 2022 Market Outlook

The time has come for investment professionals to offer their forecasts for the year ahead. The following three predictions have been somewhat repetitive for the last…

‘Tis the Season for Giving: Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Annual Financial Donations

By understanding the different ways to provide philanthropic financial contributions, donors can make the most of the gift for their own bottom line.

Educating Children About Money Management Before an Inheritance

Financial education starts at home from an early age, making it critical that parents teach their children about positive financial habits. Parents have the opportunity to lead by example via open communication and encouragement to ensure their children are well prepared to make sound financial decisions before receiving an inheritence.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table? 4 Questions to Consider When Repaying Your Student Loans

Understanding student loan repayment options could help many physicians and medical professionals with significant debt create a payment plan to better suit their individual circumstances and lifestyle. These questions can help get your started.

6 Common Financial Concerns for Physicians

The financial needs of physicians present unique challenges uncommon to industries outside of healthcare. From alienating cultural perceptions, to the high level of personal and professional risk, we’ve identified what we believe are the top six financial concerns for physicians.

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