Meet the Curi Capital Team: Spotlight on Frances Cronlund, Wealth Planning

By: Curi Editorial Team
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*Frances Cronlund was Senior Director of Wealth Planning at the time of this interview. She was promoted to Managing Director of Wealth Strategy in Jan. 2022.

At Curi Capital, it’s our mission to help clients build true wealth, however they define it. Our team brings the knowledge, experience, and passion to help clients meet their goals through a wide range of financial services and solutions—and we’d love for you to meet them.

Each month, we will engage a different member of the Curi Capital team to learn more about their experiences, their insights, and their perspectives, while providing an opportunity for you to get to know them on a more personal level.

This month, we sat down with Frances Cronlund, Senior Director of Wealth Planning, to discuss her visionary perspective as a founding member, the early iterations of her interest in financial planning, and where she finds joy outside of work.

Could you tell us about your role with Curi Capital and what your experience has been like so far?

I began my role as Senior Director of Wealth Planning the same summer that we launched the firm, making me a founding member. My longevity with the team has allowed me to be forward-thinking about where we want to go. I’m afforded the unique opportunity of being a thought leader for our team of advisors, while also remaining a practicing advisor. I think it’s crucial to stay hands-on with clients as it helps me stay sharp and relevant, and directly adds value to our clients’ lives, by managing their wealth and forging personal relationships.

What led you to your career?

I knew when starting college that I wanted to be a financial planner. In high school, I created spreadsheet templates to provide a more accurate projection of the cost and outcome of school fundraisers. I didn’t realize my templates correlated to a profession. I thought it was just a practical application of a, then new, computer program. In college, I learned these skills were necessary for a career path of financial planning, and when paired with a liberal arts education, I felt eager to help people. It’s all about financial coaching, rigorous thinking, and providing a sounding board as people weigh their options.

Finances are a huge stressor in people’s lives not just on a daily basis, but especially when financial decisions need to be made during life’s transitions. If you’re partnering with a good financial planner, blind spots in your finances or unforeseen events can be more easily navigated. In my view, the stereotypical look of a transactional stockbroker is not synonymous with today’s financial advisor and I appreciate that expansive growth in our profession.

What did you do in your career before joining the Curi Capital team?

I’m on my 24th year of my career in wealth management. I started out at BB&T in their Management Development Program. I learned more about commercial banking than I ever thought I would for someone who just wanted to be a personal financial planner. I was at BB&T for 13 years and then transitioned to First Citizens Bank for 9 years, before joining the Curi Capital team.

What is your vision or goals for the firm?

We are quickly expanding our team of advisors, beyond North Carolina. I look forward to opening new offices and providing the leadership around those transitions. Additionally, I look forward to acquiring RIA’s who need a succession plan and matching them with a Curi Capital advisor who will implement one.

In the long term, expanding on our family office services for our clients who need full coordination of their financial and personal assets. When I think of what an advisor should be, I think of someone who can meet a clients’ needs holistically, and that’s what we aim to do.

What sets Curi Capital apart from other firms?

We’re extremely nimble and attract advisors with an entrepreneurial spirit and natural curiosity. We don’t follow the big box store style of advice delivery which makes us attractive to a wide variety of clients. Our independence and boutique approach to client service allows us to be personable and understand our clients, while having the benefit of a big firm behind us.

What has been one of the most memorable experiences in your career thus far? How has it shaped you as a professional?

In 2000, I launched the financial planning offering at BB&T. I was one of two employees to launch the program in its entirety: selecting software, creating a timeline, specializing the client experience, building a pricing structure, branding the program, etc. We conducted market research with focus groups of couples, interviewing to gauge their interest in the financial planning process. I loved building the program from the ground up and offering the bank’s advisors and lenders another value add to their traditional product line up.

What has been a memorable experience in your personal life? How did it shape you as an individual?

Marriage and motherhood. Having our two children (now 11 and 15) has been a transformative experience, as I began truly thinking outside of my own short-term self-interest and instead in the long-term interest of myself as well as those important to me.

Additionally, becoming a long-distance recreational runner at the age of 37. Being a runner has given me a better perspective on planning and investments because of the setbacks, ups and downs, discipline, and understanding that you don’t have to win a race to win a fulfilling journey. When I try to run too fast or too hard, I am more likely to burnout, so I’ve learned how to find a safe, sustainable pace. I have more endurance, patience, and humility as an individual now. It took two years of training before running my first marathon at age 40, and I have run four marathons since.

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