Meet the Curi Capital Team: Spotlight on Barrett Knowles, Wealth Investment Operations Specialist

By: Curi Editorial Team
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At Curi Capital, it’s our mission to help clients build true wealth, however they define it. Our team brings the knowledge, experience, and passion to help clients meet their goals through a wide range of financial services and solutions—and we’d love for you to meet them.

Each month, we will engage a different member of the Curi Capital team to learn more about their experiences, their insights, and their perspectives, while providing an opportunity for you to get to know them on a more personal level.

This month, we sat down with Barrett Knowles, Wealth Investment Operations Specialist, to discuss what led him to the industry, how rewarding being a part of the Curi Capital team has been, and where he finds joy outside of work.

Could you tell us about your role with Curi Capital and what your experience has been like so far?

I joined Curi Capital in June of 2020, and it’s been a busy year and a half. Starting this role in the middle of the pandemic was a unique experience, but I was immediately welcomed to the team and fully immersed in our operations.

As Wealth Investment Operations Specialist, my daily responsibilities cover three categories: reporting, trading, and analysis. I’m in charge of submitting all trades for our client accounts and running reports and analysis, which I then disperse to and communicate with our financial advisors. I also work on implementing processes that will enable the firm’s continued growth.

What led you to your career?

I attended North Carolina State University and studied Economics due to my interest in the stock market, global markets, and the financial services industry. Upon graduation, my career began at Credit Suisse, one of the largest investment banks in the world, where I held several roles in global markets trade management and collateral management. Everything I learned through that experience led me to Curi Capital, where I’ve found a stronger work-life balance.

What is your vision for the firm?

I believe there are no limits to where Curi Capital can go. Half the battle is putting the right people in place, and the other half is executing on a strong strategy that serves our clients; and, we are putting the time and effort into doing both of those things very well. We have the team, skills, and offerings needed to be one of the best RIA firms in North Carolina and beyond, and it’s exciting to be a part of that process.

What sets Curi Capital apart from other firms?

We offer such a wide array of services, which really sets us apart from other firms. Our holistic approach to our offerings and the passion of our team are strong suits as well. More than anything though, the people at Curi Capital are what makes all the difference in what we can achieve together—for our clients and for the firm.

What has been one of the most memorable experiences in your personal life?

Watching my parents growing up created memories and life lessons that have stuck with me. They are the hardest working people I know, and they taught me the importance of being a good person. I appreciate the wonderful example that they set for me and am now enjoying being married, becoming a homeowner, and living out those lessons and values myself.

What are some of your interests or hobbies outside of work?

I absolutely love to play golf and have been playing since I was 10 years old. When I’m not at work or playing golf, I’m spending time with my wife and our dog who’s a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into this industry?

I would advise anyone interested in this industry to stick with it, because it’s a very rewarding career path if you’re committed to it. It can be challenging at times, but it’s wonderful getting to help people plan for the next stage in their life and hearing their stories and experiences. Forming lasting client relationships and helping make the lives of clients easier is a great feeling.


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